The Meta-Description is arguably one of the most important tags an SEO can utilize. It can affect CTR and Bounce Rate. While the keywords inside of it might not matter much to Google, users are looking for a reason to visit your page so they obviously matter overall. Beyond the keywords there are three task we SEOs have while creating the perfect pink unicorn of a meta-description. Describe, Persuade and Inspire.

Describe what the page is about quickly

Describe. You do not have much space to get your point across so it is imperative that you do it quickly. Your chosen copy should convey exactly what the page is about and include trigger keywords related to the query. Make sure the user has a very clear picture of what content they are about to receive.

Your call to action should Persuade the user to click on your listing

Persuade. While call to actions are not a must, language that provokes a response is absolutely needed in proper listing copy. The important thing to know is that your meta-description has enough room to contain one or the other. Some brands have a voice that allow aggressive marketing while others need a subtle ton so break out a pen and jot down something that invokes a response while falling inline with your marketing directors/copywriters requirements.

Build inspiration about the web page without decreasing the curiosity surrounding the content

Inspire. Curiosity doesn't just kill cats, it can increase click-through-rates and help decrease bounce. One of the most persuasive things you can do in your meta-description is build the surfers curiosity. It is important, however, to not give away the cow and satisfy said users curiosity in your snippet.

These three factors are discussed with every new copywriter on the Planted Tree team and no SEO Copywriter should attempt a search snippet without this knowledge.

WordPress today is the most widely accepted platform for website design and development. Some of the world’s top brands use WordPress because it allows them to build highly customized websites at reasonably short periods of time and low budgets. Although WordPress is easy to use and everyone can use it even without coding skills, it’s still absolutely important to engage professional website designers or developers to build a WordPress site for you. It takes time to master the best WordPress practices, so you would rather focus on the most important strategic decisions of your business and leave WordPress design or development to the experts in that field. There is a great team of WordPress developers at that can help build the perfect custom website for your business if you want to realize your goals. Talk to them about your specific business needs and they will build the right WordPress website solution with custom features to take care of every aspect of those business needs.

Experienced WordPress Website Developers

There are many ways of building websites to suit every type of business, but WordPress is definitely among the best. So if you’ve already figured out that WordPress is the way to go, then make sure to hire experts that have years of experience developing sites with WordPress. If the site you intend to build on the WordPress platform is supposed to help you establish your online presence and attract customers for a profitable growth over the long term, then don’t take chances at all. You may think developing the website yourself is a great idea because you can save money, but you are only going to end up with a simple generic site that turns off your customers and does even much more harm to your business than you may realize. With our years of experience in WordPress design and development solutions, every one of our WordPress experts at knows exactly what works with WordPress and what doesn’t. Working with WordPress as a beginner isn’t going to accomplish much for you while you are also going to waste much of your valuable time that’s best spent at what you are good at for the benefit of your business.

Expert WordPress Developers Create Custom Websites

You can hire Planted Tree WordPress experts with confidence because they know how to customize WordPress websites to match every business need. The huge collections of WordPress themes and plugins make the CMS platform a popular choice for everyone involved in building sites, including beginners. But experts not only know how to choose and test the best themes and plugins, they also know when it’s necessary to do some code if your site needs to be greatly customized. Using generic themes and plugins doesn’t truly customize your website, so experts go for premium options and where they are non-existent have to develop those themes or plugins themselves. Whatever you need your business website to do must always be specific, so you need specific features and capabilities built into your site for it to help you achieve your goals. It’s part of the reason why Planted Tree takes WordPress website customizations for its clients seriously.

Branding With The Best WordPress Design Solutions

Your business identity online must be taken seriously, so for the best look and feel of your site you must only hire the absolute best WordPress designers at Planted Tree. With most people using WordPress nowadays, you may end up with a site that looks a lot similar like everyone else. But that doesn’t happen if you engage a professional that knows how to tweak WordPress at every level to create a site that makes your business easily recognizable to your potential customers. Branding is part of the best practices for web design that only WordPress experts can best take care of on your behalf. If you want the kind of website branding solutions that can make you stand out of the pack for online business success, Planted Tree can deliver to exceed your expectations.

Taking long term view of site functionalities including SEO and security considerations

WordPress experts not only create professionally looking websites, but they go an extra mile to make sure your site architecture and design are optimized to meet long term business goals as well. You should certainly take advantage of the experts’ knowledge of the best WordPress plugins that add great functionalities and capabilities to your website. SEO and security are some of the most important considerations taken into account when choosing WordPress plugins and other custom solutions. The SEO landscape changes rapidly and so does security on the web. What’s working today may quite change tomorrow and expose your business to penalties from search engines like Google or to serious security threats and vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. You don’t want to get your business into any of those troubles if they can be avoided by simply involving experts at the earliest stage possible. A great deal of due diligence must be applied even when choosing plugins. Experts choose the most trusted plugins with all the necessary updates and support that can benefit your business for the long term.

Planted Tree creates your WordPress website while taking into account numerous considerations based on their deep running knowledge and experience in the industry. Engage the professionals if you are looking for website development solutions that guarantee the best outcomes with your online business.

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