The Meta-Description is arguably one of the most important tags an SEO can utilize. It can affect CTR and Bounce Rate. While the keywords inside of it might not matter much to Google, users are looking for a reason to visit your page so they obviously matter overall. Beyond the keywords there are three task we SEOs have while creating the perfect pink unicorn of a meta-description. Describe, Persuade and Inspire.

Describe what the page is about quickly

Describe. You do not have much space to get your point across so it is imperative that you do it quickly. Your chosen copy should convey exactly what the page is about and include trigger keywords related to the query. Make sure the user has a very clear picture of what content they are about to receive.

Your call to action should Persuade the user to click on your listing

Persuade. While call to actions are not a must, language that provokes a response is absolutely needed in proper listing copy. The important thing to know is that your meta-description has enough room to contain one or the other. Some brands have a voice that allow aggressive marketing while others need a subtle ton so break out a pen and jot down something that invokes a response while falling inline with your marketing directors/copywriters requirements.

Build inspiration about the web page without decreasing the curiosity surrounding the content

Inspire. Curiosity doesn't just kill cats, it can increase click-through-rates and help decrease bounce. One of the most persuasive things you can do in your meta-description is build the surfers curiosity. It is important, however, to not give away the cow and satisfy said users curiosity in your snippet.

These three factors are discussed with every new copywriter on the Planted Tree team and no SEO Copywriter should attempt a search snippet without this knowledge.

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