GROW your Bussiness!

GROW your Bussiness!

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We often come across business owners who believe their logo is the single driving force behind product or company branding, that anything else in marketing is just an extra push. With this mindset, small companies end up focusing on and overinvesting on graphic logos only to find themselves falling flat on buzz, reach and sales. The truth of the matter is that branding is enveloped by every single aspect of a business and the way the general public perceives products or services.

Consider the way you perceive any of the numerous companies that produce products that you buy. The vast majority of local, national and international products are so heavily branded that not only are their branded logos instantly recognizable, but there are often feelings like nostalgia and excitement directly associated with them that sways an incredible number of customers.

Through well-written marketing campaigns, these products have become a staple in our lives when, in many instances, we could have just purchased an off- or store-brand counterpart. It’s precisely because of branding that everyone spends more of their earned income on these items.

Still, even after learning about the ins and outs of branding techniques that go beyond simple image creation, the number of business owners we encounter who believe their logo is the most important part of their marketing is daunting at times. Nevertheless, once they see Planted Tree’s tools and skillsets available to them, as well as evidence of our effectiveness, they quickly embrace the idea of branding being far deeper than they originally assumed.

Our effectiveness comes from a carefully choreographed balance between traditional marketing and cutting-edge methodologies. Unlike most press release writing and dissemination servicers, we here at Planted Tree take the entire process light years beyond our competition. We regularly get tens and hundreds of thousands of views on our press releases.

And there’s a reason for that. We actually create value through the content created by our staff of native-English writers. Likewise, we will work closely with you to ensure that every part of the branding cultivation process is as easy as possible.

What we won’t do is waste your time with jargon and buzz words. What we actually do is get eyes on your content, customers on your website and money in your pocket

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While our clients consistently enjoy top search engine rankings and a noticeably raised income via Planted Tree’s exclusive marketing, SEO and consultation techniques, there is no 100% guarantee that a site will increase revenue or traffic through our processes.

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